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What some of our customers have to say after using our escort service and spending time with our escorts.


Elite Amsterdam Escorts

Some of the best escort in Amsterdam, that’s for sure. Staff are friendly and very helpful, you can’t ask for more.

Derik - Holland

Best Looking Girls

I’ve used many escort services in Amsterdam, but have found that these guys are amongst the best. Girls are super sexy and the prices are excellent. All in all it will be difficult to find something better.

Mo - United Kingdom

Amazing !!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for an amazing time. Everything went according to plan and we all had a fantastic time. Recommendations were spot on and the girls exceeded expectations. look forward to seeing everyone in a few months.

Tony - United States

Escort Services

These are our Amsterdam escort services we offer. These are the most popular ones so if you want something special please give us a call.

Couples Escort Service

Couples Escort

The service for couples who care about each other. Why do we say that? Well, during our Couples Escort Service both parties are pleasured by one of our Escorts from Amsterdam. It is not just a man thing, here he includes his wife, girlfriend or partner in the whole Amsterdam Escort Experience. And boy, what an Experience it i ...

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Duo Escorts Amsterdam

Duo Escorts

That is right, double the action, double the satisfaction. Our Amsterdam Duo Escort Service is ideally suited for the man who has always wanted more. As for the man who has ever taken a single Escort from Amsterdam, you don’t know what you are missing. The experience of having two Amsterdam Escorts giving you pleasure simultaneously i ...

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Foot Fetish Escort Service

Foot Fetish Escorts

Our Foot Fetishes Escorts in Amsterdam specialise in erotic service, emphasising feet and toes. We offer our clients high-quality sensual experiences that they will never forget! Our escorts have a passion for all things related to foot fetishism – from toe-sucking to nail polishing. You can be sure your experience with us will be unique and unforgettable. We take pride in providing an exclus ...

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Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage has been practiced in many countries for years, in particular, the Eastern and Asian countries. The erotic massage as we know it today has its roots in these countries and dates bake thousands of years. To them, it was more a spiritual and sensual experience, where today it’s more focused on the sexual experience. The Chinese learned the art of massage helped with the overall w ...

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Party Escorts Amsterdam

Party Escorts

Are you the type of man, who does not want to waste a second of your time while visiting beautiful Amsterdam? Then our Party Escorts Amsterdam is the service for you. There are so many places to enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam; it will make your head spin. But here is the kicker, do you want to spend it on your own? Of course not, you ...

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Anal Sex Escorts

Anal Escorts

The Anal Experience has been around for hundreds of years, and the questions surrounding it, are infinite. Many couples practiced anal sex as a method of preserving the woman’s virginity prior to marriage, as a manner of release for the male partner. It was however discovered that the pleasure derived from anal sex, was a two-way street and both parties could enjoy it. And so, the Anal Escort ...

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GFE Escort

GFE Escorts

Do you wish to have a personal and memorable experience while in Amsterdam with the help of an escort? In this case, the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) that we provide is exactly what you need. When you have a GFE encounter with one of our escorts, you will have an experience that is more personal and arousing than any other time you might have had with anybody else. You will have a sexual encount ...

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Escort Articles

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Things to do with an Amsterdam Escort

Things to do with an Amsterdam Escort

It must be remembered, that booking an Escort from Amsterdam, is not always about the sexual side of things. There many other experiences to enjoy. Below we will give you some ideas as to what will make your time in Amsterdam not just a good one, but a great one. For starters, Amsterdam is a […]
April 2023
Book Amsterdam Escort

How to Book an Amsterdam Escort

How to book an Escort from Amsterdam can be a daunting task for any new client. We have taken the time to put together a booking method, which is easy to follow. This will make it a lot easier and less time consuming when booking one of our Amsterdam Escorts. Follow the easy steps below […]
April 2023
Amsterdam Escort Love

Amsterdam Escorts Love these Clients

We forget the fact that Escorts from Amsterdam are beautiful girls who are making a living in very trying times. They have families like most of us. They have feelings like most of us. The also like to be treated with respect, as most of us. In fact, they are no different to any of […]
April 2023