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Couples Escort Service in Amsterdam

Couples Escort Service – The Ultimate Threesome

Amsterdam Couples Escort Service

The service for couples who care about each other. Why do we say that? Well, during our Couples Escort Service both parties are pleasured by one of our Escorts from Amsterdam. It is not just a man thing, here he includes his wife, girlfriend or partner in the whole Amsterdam Escort Experience. And boy, what an Experience it is.

Put the Excitement back into your Relationship

Many people might ask, why make use of our Couples Escort Service? Good question, but each couple has their own needs and way of pleasuring each other, Some like to do it with a third party included. Many of our clients who have used our Couples Escort Service have said that the experience put the excitement back into their relationship and maybe it could do the same for yours. But we stress that when you do decide to make use of this service, please, both of you must be wanting to do this. No ifs or buts, and no doubts.

Is your relationship open-minded

The important thing to remember is, that you both must be open to experimenting with new things and enjoy the pleasures that eroticism can bring. Also ask yourselves the question, is your RELATIONSHIP open-minded? If it is, well then you are in for a great experience.

Always be in complete agreement about Couples Escort Services

To make this the fantastic experience it can be, always be in complete agreement as to what each one of you want and set any boundaries before you start. From there on it is pleasure all the way.

Escorts make for a brilliant Couples 3rd Person

The first and most important reason an Amsterdam Couples Escort makes for a brilliant 3rd party, is that she is unattached to you both. She is not a friend, acquaintance or any way involved with you. They are not part of a swinger setup and importantly she is not even from the same country you are from. She is from Amsterdam and as we all know Amsterdam Escorts are the best. Her job is to make your and your partner’s evening special and give you an experience, that will leave you wanting more. We say that, because many of our clients have reported back that their own sex, after the Escort from Amsterdam had left, was mind blowing.

Watching your wife/partner being pleasured by another woman, all be it with and beautiful Escort is such a turn-on and leaves you with the desire to do the same. Some wives like to see their husbands being pleasured and at the end of the evening wants to do the same. Both of you will learn more about your partners and what makes them writhe with pleasure. That way, when you are on your own again, you can apply what you’ve learned about each other. The results of that are always staggering, proving the importance of great night out with an Amsterdam Couples Escort.

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