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Duo Amsterdam escort service

That is right, double the action, double the satisfaction. Our Amsterdam Duo Escort Service is ideally suited for the man who has always wanted more. As for the man, who has ever taken a single Escort from Amsterdam, well, you don’t know what you are missing. The experience of have two Amsterdam Escorts giving you pleasure at the same time is unbelievable.

This must have been every man’s dream to have two beautiful women touching, rubbing and manipulating every part of his body. Imagine, two pairs of hands caressing you, two pairs of gorgeous slender legs wrapped around your body, two mouths sucking and licking you at the same time. This will be enough to drive any hot-blooded man crazy.

Duo Experience gives you double the visuals.

One of the pleasures of having two Escorts from Amsterdam manipulating all your senses, is the fact, that the Duo Experience gives you double the visuals. Meaning that you see more exciting views of what the two Amsterdam Escorts are doing to you. High or low, above or below you see it all.

Enjoy the tandem Erotic Pleasure

One of the primary sensations of the Amsterdam Duo Experience Service is the tandem effect. That is when you are sandwiched between two stunningly beautiful Amsterdam Escorts and both giving you different erotic sensations. Crazy right and all you must do is enjoy the tandem erotic pleasure they are giving you. In real terms, you don’t have to lift a finger, but of course, nobody is going to stop you from getting your full fill.

More personalities, the more fun

Something to take note of is the fact that you will be interacting with two entirely different personalities. The dynamic with that is, that each one with her own idea of pleasuring you. Enticing as the thought might be, the experience is even better. When it comes to pleasure, nothing is ever enough, the more personalities, the more fun.

More Escorts equals more Services

Lastly, when you have two Escorts from Amsterdam pleasuring you, you could have each one doing a different service. Got you thinking. Well, play around with that thought and speak to our booking staff, as to what is possible.

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