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How to Book an Escort in Amsterdam

How to book an Escort from Amsterdam can be a daunting task for any new client. We have taken the time to put together a booking method, which is easy to follow. This will make it a lot easier and less time consuming when booking one of our Amsterdam Escorts. Follow the easy steps below and enjoy your Amsterdam Escort Experience.

1. Choose an Escort from our Gallery

There are various types of Escorts, so it is sometimes difficult to choose which one. So, we have divided them up by , and you can click on the links, to give you galleries by the type of girl you prefer. Also, important to note, select more than one girl, as sometimes the girl you prefer might be booked and then you will be able to get your second selection. Thereby not having to go through your whole selection choice again.

2. Now think about the escort service you would like

There are many escort services to choose from, and you can select two or more services and add them together. It is all about what you prefer and how long.

3. Phone or E-mail your Booking

There is a booking page on our site where you can make an online booking, or if you prefer you can phone us on the number supplied.

  • Remember the first two steps
  • Always think about the number of hours you want to book your Amsterdam Escort for
  • The Hotel name and which address it is at. Often there are more than on hotel of the same group and can be confusing when booking
  • Ensure you have your hotel room number on hand

4. How to pay for your Amsterdam Escort

The easiest way is to pay by cash. We do offer a credit card system, but this MUST be mentioned when making your booking. That way your Amsterdam Escort can bring a credit card machine with her.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book for less than one hour – Sorry no, Bookings are only for multiples of one hour
  • Can we book for two men in one hour – Sorry no, One man per Escort, per hour
  • Can I book more than one Escort – Yes, it will increase your pleasure
  • Can I pay by Credit Card – Yes, but please mention this when you make your booking
  • Are taxi fares or transport included – Yes
  • Can I cancel the Escort if I don’t like what I see – Yes you may, but you must do that right away when you first meet her
  • Can I extend my time with the Escort I booked – Yes you may, you can discuss this with your escort who in turn will pass this on to the Agency. Just bear in mind the extra cost that goes with extended time
  • Can I add services during a booking – Yes you can, discuss this with your Escort and if she agrees, she will tell you the extra fee involved
  • Will my Escort be allowed up to my room – Yes, Girls are there to visit you. Just make sure that when you book, your name and room number match
  • If I pay by Credit Card, will it show up as an Escort Agency – No, we take our client’s privacy very seriously, the billing will show up as a common business name
  • When booking do I have to use my real name – Yes, but, we only need your first name

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